Pictured Life

If you could sum up your life with one photo, what would it look like? I know exactly what mine looks like. My photo looks like this! Disney music on the big screen, baby on her rocking frog wearing her Tough Little Piggies, and me (mom) lounging on the couch in our living room with my own Tough Little Piggies on.  

As Mikella and I are here in the living room that my wonderful husband has provided us with, I can't help but easily place him into this photo. While we are enjoying ourselves to the fullest, he is at work doing what he loves...RESEARCH! My husband works hard to provide for us, but also works very hard every single day for the HD community in striving for a cure! 

So even though you might not be able to see my husband "pictured" here, Mikella and I are surrounded by him every second of each day.  We have the privilege of staying in our wonderful home every day with our feet wrapped in rose gold,  because my husband is out there making a difference with his heart made of actual gold. 😍 


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