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We love our TLPs!

I decided to take a chance on the mystery print for our first set of TLPs, and I am beyond thrilled with them! The prints are AWESOME! And my little man is happy as can be to go exploring with his new shoes on. I ordered a pair for myself, too, and they are very comfortable. I will definitely be ordering again for both of us!

Mystery Print
Brooke Plasterer
Love love love

I couldn’t decide between all the fun prints, so I did the mystery offer. I asked for something neutral and/or feminine and I received the adorable new autumn print. These are my first pair and they are perfect for around the house and yard. Thank you!

Theodore Kolka
Cute little shoes

My daughter loves her tough little piggies! They are flexible making it easy for walking and the prints are super cute. I have bought two pairs and plan on buying more after winter. These are perfect shoes for a baby who is new to walking.

Cara K
Super cute!

My son picked this fabric on his own and loves them. He has been wearing Tough Little Piggies since he was a baby and now he's 5. We love these shoes! We were originally given a pair as a hand me down and both of my sons were able to use them before they finally wore out. We always come back for more!

Love these shoes!

These are now my two year olds favorite shoes. He picks them out whenever given a choice. They've been great for the playground, the beach, the garden. They give his feet room to spread and move and are flexible for climbing rock walls or tiptoeing around.

R. Dang
Too cute

Love these little piggies! We have a 10 month old who is about to start walking and these are perfect. They’re easy to get in and they stay on

Kayla Schneider
Love these!

Buying these as my kiddo grows. They are a great fit, protect him well and are cute as can be!

Kristin Morris
Needed A Back-up Pair

This was originally meant to be our back-up pair but they are so cute. These are definitely his weekend pair.

Kristin Morris
Our Go To Shoes

We love this print so much! It is the pair my little guy grabs over and over for daycare. The quality of great and the customer service is amazing!

Nicole Bogrand
So cute and easy to move in

My eighteen month old son is obsessed with these shoes! He can walk for “miles” and likes to try to get them on and off by himself. He loves them so much he basically refuses to wear hard soles shoes. They are great quality. This is our fourth pair and none have torn and all have washed easily. We always get compliments and inquiries at the park :). Thank you!!

Deborah VanSteenburgh

Loved them . Very well made. Big hit at our granddaughter’s 1st birthday.


My son just turned one. He is learning to walk on a splintering decks and old, drying grass. I was worried about his little piggies but didn’t want to risk shoes that would ruin his feet. These shoes are amazing. He leaves them on (he takes off socks). He actually even sticks his feet out when I pick his shoes up! He has avoided splinters and still walks with confidence (as much as he can walk). I love them and will be buying more.

Mystery Print
Gabriella Graham
So happy with the print!

I decided to take a gamble and go with mystery print this time around. We have purchased 5+ pairs of TLPs between my two toddlers and they are the absolute best, especially when first learning to walk. The wide toe area and soft sole are perfect for wobbly toddlers who need to feel the floor for balance without a hard sole shoe. Our mystery print was gorgeous and matches so many outfits my daughter has. We could not be happier!

Julie R.
Not just for children

The adult version of tough little piggies is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something to wear in the house besides socks mostly for winter use since I have cold hardwood floors but I can see myself wearing them year round. I like that the bottom is grippy so I won’t slip. The toe box is wide and I could even wear socks with them if I wanted to. Time will tell how well they hold up but for now I’m happy and would recommend buying them.

We love TLP!

This is our third pair of TLP shoes. Love them for my 2 year old - they are easy for him to put on - total win! He's obsessed with construction equipment, so the "Diggy" pattern is a big hit.


Adorable and well made. Perfect to keep little feet healthy. Thank you!

Ashleigh Fernandez

Great quality ! Will always order again

Brian Buchsbaum
She hasn't taken them off her feet!

We got this for my S/O who has been into barefoot shoes for a while. She's been wearing them as slip on around the house almost every waking second since they arrived in the mail. They are excellent, affordable, and the pattern is amazing. I love to support handmade goods- great work!

Leila B.
So, so cute

The Bennett pattern is adorable -- whimsical and fun. The shoes are well-made, comfortable, light weight, and well-sized. This is my third pair of TLPs and I love them all. Recommended!

Love the color and amazing fit!!

My little one has chunky but small feet, so finding a pair for her to comfortably walk in, has been a struggle. These are great for playing outside.

Gleeful Gray
Tyler Sabo
Adult size TLP

Got these for myself (I am Dad, and my kids wear tough little piggies every day) and what can I say? They feel like you're not wearing shoes. It's perfect.

Stacey Valentine
We love TLPs!!

Love love love these shoes, the only downside is that if you have a baby like mine who is always playing in the dirt the cute bright blue will get covered in stains and gunk. Definitely recommend this pattern for indoor babies.

Amy Miller
Shoes my kid will actually wear!? Its a miracle.

My kid hates shoes. I mean for real HATES wearing them. Either she's screaming and crying, or shopkeepers and strangers of every type are throwing me shade over my barefoot kid. Enter Tough Little Piggies- we bought one pair, held our breath, and then we bought more. When her pixie shoes came she put them on and asked to wear them to bed! Additionally she has some gait issues which mean she trips a lot when in shoes (partly why she hates them) and her ortho recommended flat, flexible shoes. These don't trip her or slow her down. Next best thing to being barefoot!

Pacific Blue
Connie Schwartz
Great For Summer!

First pair were lined for cooler weather and wonderful for toddler just walking. Now running and these unlined are great for beach and yard!

stevie tubaugh
You need these!

Will definitely be ordering more! Very well made. Super comfortable! Awesome customer service.